Saturday, October 2, 2010


I want to welcome everyone to my world. Here I will be discussing various and wide ranging topics. As per my collegiate training; I will always use reliable sources( key word is reliable; not wikipedia), so that what I say can be researched and verified by another. I also expect the same in a response. I f you disagree with me; it is fine as I do not get offended, but reliable sources are what we use to test the veracity of what is being postulated. I ask that people be open minded, as we will be discussing "heavy" topics, such as religion, history and politics from time to time. As well as social issues such as crime, feminism, as well as traditional institutions. Why start a blog? Well I have something to say; and it is a great outlet. Furthermore, I feel that many people have lost the ability to think critically about issues. To much dependency is placed on "leaders," (e.g. Limbaugh, Sharpton, Jackson)  religious figures (e.g. Pope, Pastors etc.) and government. Going into depth on certain topics is designed to provoke thought at the least and change at the most. The title "Ubermensch" is inspired by Nietzsche; it is popular translated as the "Superman" but more accurately the "over-man." The concept behind it : " a foundation from which to attempt to challenge the ingrained values of society. These values behind what is considered to be good and evil, he asserts... serve only to hamper human potential and have no basis on our everyday experiences (486-487, The Portable Nietzsche by Viking Press)." In our posts we will be looking critically at several institutions. It is important for me to say that; critically does not mean condescendingly, we are merely using the tools given to dig for enlightenment. Namely, historical evidence, opinions from great minds (who don`t always agree of course) and of course the pragmatic application in today`s world (i.e. Is it working?). I humbly ask that you maintain an open mind, have a willingness to learn and seek.
"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing (Socrates)."

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