Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Something from Nothing? and other oddities.

People like to say; you can`t get something from nothing.Especially when arguing scientific points concerning the origin of the universe. Those that believe in divine assistance; posit that this orderly universe must have been set in motion by a creator, arguing that we cannot have "something from nothing." On the other side many point out that the universe works fine without the assumption of  divine orchestration and that there is much chaos and disorder to offset ideas of an efficient creator. The purpose of this essay is not to debate the existence or non-existence of a God, I have dealt with that in other writings. This essay is to point the flaw in the question of "something from nothing" and other similar type of questions. The flaw exists in the fact that we try and separate "something" and "nothing" as different entities, this is illogical. The truth is that the only way we can understand things in universe is by contrast. For instance you cannot define "up" without "down" or "left" without "right." With this in mind try and ask the question: "What came first "left" or "right"? Absurd isn`t it? You must understand that they must exist simultaneously. This is the same concept with "something" and "nothing." They define each others existence, and cannot exist separately. One must always define the other, just as you and your shadow exist simultaneously. The only way you know what "something" means is because we can contrast it with "nothing."  It is the same with light and darkness. Darkness can only be expressed as an absence of light! If light never existed; darkness could never exist! They exist in pairs, simultaneously. There are many such things. Take life and death for instance; they are not separate. Life can only be understood in view of things that are dead for a contrast. In other words, as soon as there is "life" there must be something that we can contrast it to i.e. "not life" or death. If there was no such thing as "death" you would have no such thing as "life." Interesting is the 23 psalm , where the writer speaks of the "shadow of death." Our shadow is like our negative image, and cannot exist without us. Death is the "negative" image of Life, but not necessarily bad but that is another topic. Just understand that you cannot fully embrace life without understanding death. Lets look at some more examples. Soon as you have a "first" "then "last" simultaneously must exist, "alpha-omega", "past" and "present." Infinite and finite exist simultaneously, you don`t have one before the other, it is impossible. The key idea to recall, is not to separate things. For instance; to say we have darkness then light etc. Remember you can only say this because of your life experiences in contrasting the two. However; if you never ever saw light and everything was just  void, you would not have a mental construct to define this situation. Also consider the concept of "empty" and "full," they can only exist simultaneously. The question; "can you get something from nothing?" Is incorrect, as they are opposites of the same coin! Correct is, You can`t have something without nothing!

"You cannot have the ups without the downs...We shouldn`t really contrast existence with non-existance...the troth manifest the wave...Space manifests the solid...the background manifests the figure... Alan Watts."
There are many patterns of inter connectivity, some I have listed. This existence is known to the Chinese as the Great Tao.

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